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Physical Therapy Based Yoga, Functional Mobility, Movement and Mindfulness delivered in short, compact doses to NOURISH your body and mind.

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Nourish YOUR JOINTS, YOUR MIND, and EVERYTHING in between.

Movement Vitamin is different

We focus on bringing you the best of the best in Movement and Mindfulness to help you do whatever it is you do, better.

We teach Yoga that is based on the principles of Physical Therapy which focuses on correcting postural imbalances and retraining poor movement habits.

We teach informative gentle classes because we know that sometimes we need to slow down and pay more attention to our breath, mind, and body.

We teach Functional Mobility that focuses on specific joints and body parts, so you can address problem areas and improve them.

We teach Mindfulness and Meditation so you can learn how to be more present in your live, how to show up better, and enjoy it even more!

We teach Functional Movement and Strength building Classes so that you can build resiliency in your body and move better in your daily life.

We teach Corrective Exercises to target weak areas, correcting imbalances in your body that could be causing you pain or discomfort.

We teach classes that incorporate Myofascial Release coupled with exercises to create better muscle firing--a concept frequently used in Physical Therapy--to correct imbalances.

We teach stretch classes to help you release restriction and target appropriate areas correctly, educating you with tips to perform these in a safe way.



Our Expert Teachers Guide you through intelligently sequenced classes designed to educate you and empower you to move better both on and off your mat.

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​​Compact, Nutritious Movement & Mindfulness Wherever you go

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2 options to choose from to satisfy your needs best.

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price option <p>MV Mini Membership</p>

MV Mini Membership


Enhance your everyday with Movement Vitamin's mini membership. This includes on individual on demand classes, from a 5 minute neck stretch to 30 minute shoulder strengthening flow. This membership includes everything except the live classes and separate programs. You will find a variety of styles, length and intensity to satisfy your needs in movement nutrition. Filter to find your daily dose of movement based on time, intensity, focus, and more. With the ability to stream classes from anywhere, you will always have your next movement vitamin with you. Nourish your body and mind through physical therapy based yoga, functional mobility, movement and mindfulness. 

price option <p>MV Full Membership</p>

MV Full Membership


A Full Vitamin Membership includes it all- all the on demand classes to practice at your convenience, live classes for personalized feedback, mini programs and collections to help keep your accountable and working towards a goal. 

This gives you access to 300+ ON DEMAND classes AND a weekly live class and pop up classes. From 5 minute mini-doses to 75 minutes of full body conditioning, you’ll find exactly what you need!

Find the best of the best in movement and mindfulness with categories that include Physical Therapy Based Yoga, Functional Movement and Mobility and Mindfulness. Take your membership with you and stream your classes whenever and wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?

Movement Vitamin is an online platform that provides you with short, effective, nutritious videos that help you move better. Utilizing some of the best systems in the industry, Movement Vitamin offers you personal guidance in LYT Yoga Method, FRC Mobility and more. Within the platform, you can expect smart, intelligently designed classes to enhance how well you move.

How long will it take?

Movement Vitamin was created to help you fit smarter movements into your life. To make that accessible and easy to integrate, most of the videos are under 30 minutes, with some as short as 5 minutes! You can watch 1 or 10 and get exactly what you need that particular day in exactly the amount of time you have. It can be integrated into any part of your day- before, during, after your workout, your workday, bedtime. It can truly be utilized ANYTIME to help you move more. 

Why is this different?

It is a supplement to WHATEVER movement system you already do. It is designed to fit into any training program.  So, if you are a crossfitter, keep crossfitting, a yogi, keep on practicing, a runner, keep on running. Whatever is YOUR preferred way to move, keep on keeping on. This platform is intended to help you do whatever you do, BETTER. 

How does it work?

Movement Vitamin is here to enhance your everyday. We've got on demand classes to fit in when you can and live classes in the RX membership to take for personal feedback.

Videos range from gentle, mobilization techniques and beginner to vinyasa, power classes and FRC Strengthen Mobility classes. Look for classes such as ‘increasing ankle dorsiflexion’, ‘strengthen the glutes’, ‘just breath’, ‘hello hamstrings’, ‘stand proud’, ‘foot release’ and so much more.

I don’t have time for another workout..

This is not just ANOTHER workout. For the novice mover, this MAY be your sole method of moving for a period of time and that is great too! However, for the experienced mover, this is going to be the SUPPLEMENT to whatever modalities or sports you already practice. It will enhance what you already do!

What do I need to get started?

For the Yoga and Mobility classes, all of these items are useful if you have access to them: a yoga mat, two yoga blocks (or you can use a paper towel roll, a stack of books, or something similar), two tennis balls and a strap (or scarf, belt or something similar). You also need a space where you can move and have internet access. Keep in mind though, some of the classes can be done standing or sitting in a relatively small space (i.e. work your wrists, all about the ankles, build up your big toes).

Ok, so I’m a beginner?

That’s ok! That's even better. Not only will you get options for making movements easier (if pertinent), but this is the most effective way to start a movement practice-- to create a new habit-small, incremental steps with short videos.

And now I’ve been practicing these systems for a while, and I would consider myself intermediate. What now?

Movement Vitamin serves all types of practitioners, from the beginner to advanced. Each class will have options to regress or progress a movement if necessary and can be utilized by ANYONE to increase the amount of movement in their day in ways they may not have before. It is designed to educate you about how to move smarter, move better, move well.

What if I want to end my subscription?

We will miss you but come back whenever you’d like! The mini and full memberships are renewed monthly and the rx membership is a 3 month commitment. You can cancel anytime prior to your new renewal date.